Making Migrant Heritage – What is it?

But what is ‘Making Migrant Heritage’? The rationale for the project grew out of a concern that too little scholarly attention had been paid to how ‘subaltern’ publics, including the ‘migrants’ who are the subject of many exhibitions and commemorations, actively create and publicise their own ‘heritage’.

Challenging State Multiculturalism: industrial heritage, migrant labour and Gippsland Immigration Park

This ‘phantasmatic diversity’, this multiculturalism ‘for all of us’, dissuades recognition of diversity as structural difference with historical antecedents… While the political struggles over migrant rights aren’t at the centre of Gippsland Immigration Park, the local history of the coal industry and its implications for working life and mobility, are. Here, the Park challenges celebratory state multiculturalism and histories of industrial progress.